February, 15, 2011  
  Administrative Body Election:  
  In the course of the usual election of the administrative body that takes place once every two years, YAB’s administrative body was elected on Feb. 9th, 2011. Positions were distributed as follows: 1. Amer Makarem, President 2. Nermeen Mufti, Vice-president 3. ...  
October, 06, 2010  
  An Administrative Committee at MoI:  
  An administrative committee was formed in the Ministry of the Interior to set a plan in order to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in the election process. It includes the Dean and Engineer Nicolas AlHabr [Assigned as General Manager of Political ...  
September, 30, 2010  
  Accessible Nursing Services for VI at AUH:  
  The Medical Center of the American University of Beirut invited the Youth Association of the Blind to conduct an awareness session for nurses on how to adapt their services to patients with visual ...  
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